I provide experienced in-home pet care for all domestic mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. (For insurance purposes, they must comply with all city by-laws in type and in number.)



Whether it be one or more dog walks a day, puppy care, etc., I will accomodate your schedule and needs. All dogs are walked on-leash.


I will administer any needed medications, including insulin, as prescribed by your veterinarian, to help maintain your pet(s) overall health and to avoid unnecessary boarding and/or hospitalization.


Some pet owners are able to take their pets with them on holiday, while others who don’t have pets may be away for extended periods of time for travel or due to an unforeseen illness/injury. I will visit your home, collect mail, water plants and do a walkaround of your property, inside and out, to make sure everything is running smoothly. (Your insurance company may have minimal requirements in terms of frequency of visits.)



$20 per 1/2 hour visit
$30 per hour visit
$35 per two 1/2 hour visits per day
$45 per three 1/2 hour visits per day
$55 per four 1/2 hour visits per day


I usually work in the west end of the city. It has arisen from time to time that owners
outside my area have pets with special needs and no one to provide this service for
them at home. I have also been recommended to friends of clients who don’t want to
take a chance on someone else. I will certainly consider accommodation for those
living outside my usual area of service. Please contact me for more information. It
never hurts to ask.